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Might be getting a sous vide cooker...

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I’ve got a joule at the moment, previously had a larger drop in circulator with physical buttons and before that a sous vide supreme (non-circulating device). 

the joule is my favourite of the lot for the simple reason it’s so small. I can use it in my smallest pans right up to a large gastronorm, yet it takes up less space than a rolling pin.

I’m normally very into having hard buttons on devices but I find it a lot less of an issue with sous vide - I don’t tend to fiddle with the temperature much/at all during a cook so opening the app once to set it off is no hardship. In fact the trade off in having the unit take up so much less space is well worth it. If this were a different device I’d feel very differently - my parents induction job with touch screen controls drives me insane - but for the task  at hand it’s a compromise worth making to reclaim some drawer space. 

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we have an Anova 1.  Since getting it and especially after Mrs philpom discovered it, well, it's been granted special status as a must have kitchen gadget.  If it broke a new one would be instantly on the way.

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