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Beef Short Ribs


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I smoke-roasted the ribs on a Karubecue C-60 but the recipe should work on any pit or Kamado.



Beef ribs

Your favorite rub



  1. Trim off fat and sinew
  2. Don't remove the bone-side membrane, it holds the ribs as a unit
  3. Apply rub to the meat side only
  4. Don't season the membrane side, it appears to be impenetrable
  5. Refrigerate for a couple of hours
  6. Preheat pit to 250°F
  7. Smoke-roast until internal temperature (IT) is 202°-204°F
  8. Serve


It's pretty simple.  I had a bit of a problem deciding when they should be pulled from the pit because the meat varies in thickness.



Short ribs (6.6 lbs.)



Trimmed to 5.9 lbs.



Seasoned and rested.  Ready to cook.  Direct from refrigerator into the pit.



Done.  I pulled a bone and took a bite.


They were pretty good.  A great "beefy" taste, tender but a bit "stringy".

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3 hours ago, R5Ryder said:

Several recipes say to dry brine overnight with kosher salt first - have you tried this, and if so, any benefit?


I've not tried it, but I always season them and put them back in the refrigerator.  24 hours wouldn't hurt.  I'd have to find a salt free rub if I gave them a salt rest.


EDIT:  I can't locate beef ribs with a thick, even layer of meat.  So the thin areas get somewhat overcooked if I take the thick layers to my desired temperature.  A compromise results in somewhat undercooked "stringy" meat.

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On 4/24/2020 at 2:56 PM, Brissybbq said:

They look great!  What wood did you use for the smoke? 


Sorry to be late with an answer.  I didn't notice your question until now.


They were cooked on a Karubecue C-60 with Burr Oak wood.  I think that's the midwestern counterpart to southern post oak.

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