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Cheesecake Pecan Pie .. Tis the season ;-)

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This is something I'm dying to try.............. Currently I'm in the early days of a 5 day water & coffee fast, which is part of a series of fasts I'm doing this winter, so food is a tremendous temptation.    I love to eat  ;-)  ................   


This is a photo from a recipe found on the net.    My GF loves pecan pie..........  I like it too, but it's too sweet with nothing to offset the sweetness.  I love tangy and spicy much more than just sweet.   Casting about for a recipe that matched my idea that creme cheese can relieve the overpowering sweetness of pecan pie and add an interesting contrast, I came up with several versions of pecan pie with creme cheese in it.   In the photo above there is an actual cheesecake layer which is added first, and baked for about 10 min before adding the pecan pie filling.   In another version, a creme cheese mixture is spread on the crust then the filling added.  During baking the creme cheese layer lifts and ends up as a middle layer.    The  latter appeals to me more, as the creme cheese is not sweetened, and consists only of a packet of creme cheese, an egg, and some vanilla, whipped together and spread on the crust........ It would be a very simple addition to your existing recipe.




Off topic  note below:


Note on the fasting....   Last winter I did a series of fasts to drop to a weight I consider reasonable for me.   I went from 202 down to 152 in 110 total fasting days make up most of 3 and 4 day fasts, over a period of quite a few months.    The purpose was not one of appearance, but of health.   My blood pressure over the top excessive, and I was tired of carrying extra weight  around.   I've always been active.  I hike a great deal, and walk 2 miles total through the woods to the PO and back every day.   I don't doctor..........  never  have except for stitches, and realized that unless I took matters in my own hands I would end up spending time and money on doctors  (age 64).    I hadn't checked my blood pressure for a long time........I rarely do as I consider worrying about it unhealthy ;-).   I would not take blood pressure medicine even if it were prescribed.    Since the end of my fasting "program" (self designed), I of course quickly gained back a few pounds as expected.   Since then I've gained back some more.   My object is to "touch" 145 before stopping this time.   I expect fasting to be something I will be doing periodically for the rest of my life.    I eat healthy foods, almost no carbs, no soft drinks, and little beer since I quit brewing (about 1 micro a week), and in the intervals between fasting, I tailor my eating to "pound" nutrients, including using my auger type juicer to make "green juices", and generally trying to get a broad array of nutrient dense foods.    The intervals between fasts range from 1 meal to several days.   I refuse to be a calorie counter, but I do intend to work on portion sizes.

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Good Grief, you need to tell me about the taste of that!   My interest is piqued!  Send me a pie and I will be happy do do a review. (J,k.)

Enjoy! I’m sure that will be quite tasty.

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