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Tomorrow is the big day


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At last count 30 family members and friends  confirmed.  The annual family Christmas dinner is here.  I think I'll grab a new Weber 22" kettle in the morning (oh darn).  The plan underway is:



Smoked sausage

Pulled pork



Potato salad

Mac n cheese 

Sausage balls

Jalapeno poppers 

Spinach artichoke dip


And a plethora of deserts 


I'll try and find time for some photos.   Going to be a great day for food!

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We did a ton of advanced preparation for the family Christmas and it paid off.  We even bought some of thos styrofoam "to go" boxes to encourage guests to take leftovers home.


It was a fun day and after 4 hours of nearly 30 guests the house was back to normal 1 hour later.  


Merry Christmas,  here are a few photos I grabbed.












@daninpd :( we had enough on our plate already ( pun intended) and didn't get around to pecan pie and nobody brought one.  Perhaps this Wednesday!

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We will be having a substantially smaller gathering tomorrow with just the two daughters, spouses and two grand kids home for the day.  I have three nice bone-in, skin-on Turkey Breasts marinating in the Garlic Buttermilk Marinade right now.  They will go on the Akorn around 2pm today for about 2 hours.  They will come off, get wrapped and tossed into the fridge.  Tomorrow morning they will be sliced and plated, served at Room temp, buffet style.  Gotta love an easy meal on a big day!

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On 12/23/2019 at 9:42 AM, lnarngr said:

Very, very nice spread! 

Interesting to have that pressure past already. We're still gearing up for Wednesday. I nearly goofed assuming a"fresh" turkey was unfrozen. It put me back on my wet brining timeline so I will probably lose some skin drying time. 

That pressure was off but still had the today thing, just the wife, kids, their wife's and the grandchildren.  Over now!  We'er in wind down mode here.  


I hope all goes well for you and yours, Merry Christmas! 

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3 hours ago, KismetKamado said:



I’m not sure I’ve had 30 people over to my house in the past 5 years, let alone all at once!  Looks like all the prep and organization paid off. Nice job!

It's a curse and a blessing.  We took the torch from the elders and now host the big party every year.  It's a combination of youth (that's relative), energy and means.  I'm flattered and I know Mrs philpom enjoys it.  It started generations ago as her family Christmas, this is our 3rd year and as expected the diversity of guests has grown and shifted.  It's the largest event we host each year, I do have a 50th coming up in a little more than a year and we will celebrate our 25th in just less than a year so we'll see if that changes.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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