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Smoking Pre-cooked Ham

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What are the basics for smoking a precooked ham?  By basics, I mostly mean at what temperature and for how long?  It's already cooked, but I know it's got to smoke for a certain amount of time to get that AWESOME smoke flavor!  Oh, and what wood is going to give the best flavor?  I'm thinking hickory...??

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Smoke it in a shallow pan that will catch the drippings.  Since they're cured ham I let them sit out until they're at room temperature and then smoke them.  Set it on a rack to keep it out of the rendered fat.


Smoke it at 275°F with hickory if it hasn't been smoked.  Use something milder, like cherry, if it's been smoked.  It should take about three hours.  It's susceptible to drying out if you smoke at a low temperature for a longer time.


It's fully cooked already.  You're just reheating it for serving, so pull it from the pit when its internal temperature hits 140°F.


You can glaze it during the last half hour if you've a mind to.




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A cold ham will spend more time in the pit and will take on more smoke flavor.  But it will probably me somewhat dryer.  I try to start with a fairly warm one.


I sometimes leave the inner plastic or foil covering intact, place the ham in large container, cover it with hot tap water and set it aside for 45 minutes.  I drain it and cover it again with hot tap water and again set it aside for another 45 minutes.  I’m tempted to sous vide it at 120°F or so as the warming step.

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I've glazed them throughout the cook (about once an hour for a thin glaze) and also a couple of times for the last half hour (thicker glaze).


A glaze is usually sugary so don't run the heat up much past 325°F or the sugar will burn.  Turbinado can probably go to around 350°F.  White sugar tends to get bitter at 325°F.  I’m not sure about brown sugar.


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