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My December 2019 Challenge - hors d'oeuvres platter.

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When one thinks of hors d’oeuvres they typically envision one bite portions so I tried to stay within that parameter. I wanted to also try to be as creative as I could and decided to ONLY use ingredients that I had in my house. 

People inherently love to eat things on a stick so I decided to go with my interpretation of chicken cordon bleu and top sirloin lollipops for my December 2019 Challenge - hors d'oeuvres platter entry.

I started with a top sirloin that I cut fairly thin in 1-2” strips about 4-5” long. Then put everything in a olive oil based marinade that I threw together. Again using only what I had on the shelf, the ingredients for this is:

1 TBSP 50/50 salt & pepper

1/2 TSP dried cilantro leaves

1/2 TSP dill weed

1/2 TSP Italian seasoning

1/2 TSP veggie grille seasoning

1/2 TSP dried rosemary leaves

2 bay leaves

1/2 cup olive oil 

1 TBSP Apple cider vinegar 


After I combined all those ingredients I poured the concoction into a large storage bag along with the sirloin strips that I had cut and into the refrigerator they went. I was originally planning on only a couple of hours but something happened Saturday so I never got back to it until Sunday afternoon. This actually was a blessing because I think it definitely needed the extra time in the seasoning.

For the chicken cordon bleu lollipops I started with bleu cheese crumbles and pressing them into a small ball. Then using some deli sliced ham wrapped the bleu cheese balls and then wrapped those with either Swiss and havarti cheese. I wanted something that would get gooey when heated up to act as a glue to keep the morsel in a tight little ball as it the chicken cooked. Once I had the entire plate completed I gave it a sprinkling of honey hickory seasoning for some sweetness. I then used boneless chicken breasts slicing it long ways so that I had as thin a slice as possible to wrap the cordon bleu filling part of the recipe. Once the plate was done it received another coating of the honey hickory. Into the fridge it went for about an hour while I cranked up the Akorn. Once I steadied the temps into the 375 range creating a hot & cool side of my cooker. I put the chicken directly over the coals and put the sirloin as far over to the cook side as I could get them.


These really didn’t take long, maybe 20 mins or so total, I think I only had the sirloin strips on for roughly 5 mins with constant turning, especially the chicken.


The steak sauce that I used was some Rofus Teague sauce I had in the pantry that I have been waiting to try on something unique and the sauce I used on the chicken was very simple, honey and Dijon mustard that was in the cupboard. I didn’t really worry too much about portions of each I just kept adding and mixing until I thought it would be to everyone’s liking.


What I ended with went over very well with my wife and both kids. What I particularly proud of is that I stayed true to my goal to be creative in using only what I had on hand.


My lollipops are my official entry in this month’s challenge. 














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Thank you guys for the compliments.They are most appreciated. I was actually quite surprised at how well they turned out. The color was great, the beef was savory, the chicken was piping hot and the bleu cheese & the swiss or havarti was so gooey. I will totally do this again. I had a lot of fun coming up with this.


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On 12/27/2019 at 1:18 PM, ckreef said:

Great cook. Those chicken cordon Bleu lollipops is an awesome idea B)




Thanks ckreef, I was really trying to come up with something that everyone can relate to... Something on a stick


On 12/29/2019 at 8:36 PM, TKOBBQ said:

Great job, only problem I see is that you got my mouth watering now and I don't have any to eat.


You're welcome to come over sometime, I'm just outside Frederick.


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