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cream cheese pecan pie tarts with crystal ginger take one

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Today I took several recipes and put them together.   First was a sort of puff pastry type dough consisting of 1C flour, 1/3 C cold water, and 1/4t salt, rolled out buttered and folded in thirds twice and a third time rolled up like a cinnamon roll.  This is the crust for a Portuguese Custard Tart...... find it on Utube.   The crust is made by slicing the chilled roll like cinnamon rolls, setting one in each cup of a muffin tin cut side up/down, and spreading it across the bottom and up the sides from an initial depression made with a thumb..... the thumbs work it up the sides.


I made cream cheese several days ago, and it's been draining and souring most of the intervening time.  Used my kefir as a culture  ( I've kept a kefir culture for years and use kefir daily).    Heated the milk and cream to a suitable incubation temp, added the kefir and a generous amount of liquid rennet (didn't measure).  Left it 12 hrs in the pot and cut the curds, left it another 12, and carefully ladled the curds out with a perforated spoon into a cheese muslin in a colander.   Hung for about 24 hrs at room temp, then salted it, and rehung for another 24 hours.  A nice tangy cream cheese  


Today I made up the shells mentioned above, then mixed 8 oz of cream cheese with half a beaten egg, and a dash of salt.    A generous dollop of this soft spreadable mixture in the bottom of each shell


The pecan pie filling was the least sweet I could find.... 1/2 C brown sugar & 1/2 corn syrup, 1/4 C butter, 1/4 t salt, 1C pecans


I chopped up enough crystal ginger to sprinkle about 1/2 t over the cream cheese layer in each cup before adding the pie filling


added the pie filling and baked............ didn't time it.


The result:


The cream cheese was an excellent addition

The crystal ginger  added a unique and interesting touch

The pecan pie filling was just what I was looking for

The shells are great


I added too much the cream cheese mixture.  The filling puffed up like little muffins during baking, and some of the classic filling was pushed out.   Doing it again, I would extend the shells above the tin, and use less of the cream cheese mixture, as it displaced too much of the pie filling


Over all they are delicious, but not quite "on target"........   A success but not perfect.



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