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Happy with Pellet Grill Purchase

mike echo

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My initial reason to get a pellet grill was to try it out. I settled on an entry level Rec Tec.


In short, pellet grilling is fine. I will always defer to my KJ when I want the absolute best cooks.


Rec Tec has been really great. No need to cheer lead for them (a little) as I am confident many manufacturers are driven to be super customer friendly before and after purchase.


I will say. Rec Tec has to be in the top 3 of the pellet grill world.  Any contact I have had with them has been super. If it's not they want to know pronto.


Their app is great, temp control is great, they send me Christmas and birthday cards, they take care of their community as well. Etc. Etc.





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Hi Mike, I am really happy with my move to a pellet grill and have settled in to Pecan pellets for smoking and Mesquite pellets for grilling. It has opened a lot of doors for me and fits my lifestyle better. Not that it takes anything away from the Kamado style cookers at all. 

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