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Solo Stove Bonfire - Mrs skreef's new fire pit.


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For the last two years Mrs skreef has wanted me to pull the old rust bucket of a fire pit out of the bone yard. It was such a rust bucket I just couldn't do it. Then someone posted a link to the Solo Stove website. I poked around that website and found the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit. After reading numerous reviews and watching many videos I knew this would be just perfect for Mrs skreef. It would allow us to have a nice looking fire pit in the BBQ garden. 



Ordered Thursday night. It arrived on Monday. 





It came with a nice, heavy duty carry bag. 





From the pictures I've seen it appears they have upgraded the coal plate. It is a slight dome shape with extra ridges to help prevent it from warping. 





Here it is in the BBQ garden. Also looking at the box it appears they now include the small lower stand. That allows air under the unit so you don't burn/scorch whatever it's sitting on. 





Super easy to light. A fire starter, a little kindling and a few bigger logs. Fire it up and within 20 minutes or so it's off to the races. 




Once going good it really is basically smoke-free. Here is a short video showing the secondary burn effect. 



Although a little pricey it's a well built SS unit with a lifetime warranty. Everything they say about it is true. It pumps out the heat. The only con I could see - if you're sitting around the fire, your legs from your shins down won't get any heat. It's a small con for having a smoke-free fire. I highly recommend it and both me and Mrs skreef feel it was one of our better accessories to the BBQ garden. 




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8 minutes ago, cmiller said:

I bought one last spring to use at our seasonal campsite in the NC mountains.  We love it.  It really burns everything down to an ash and you can just rinse it out with a garden hose the next morning.  




It's pretty rare these days to see a product that really doesn't have any totally negative reviews. Although a few people posted what they thought was a con or two everything I read or watched about it (I watched a lot of videos) was basically a positive review. Really glad I bought this. 


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On 1/16/2020 at 9:35 AM, RVA Smoker said:

Another vendor is Breeo; I picked up their Phoenix last month and have been very impressed as well. They are both fine products.

I am suddenly looking at these as the “stay at home” in Boston is justified by the local corvid numbers.   I seriously like the Breeo for the cook surface and year round outdoor use.  

thanks @ckreef for starting this.   

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