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Hunter / Gun Guy question

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Trying to sight in a new pellet gun with an old scope. Got everything leveled and mounted securely. My initial shots at a target about 21' away (inside my garage) from a table and rest, were low and right. After about 10 shots, I got to here, see pic. However, the issue is, I hit the stop going left, pretty quick. The shots in the pic  hit  close, only because I moved my aim point to the orange circle, instead of the center of the bull. Aiming at the bull, my shots hit about 2.5 to 3" right.  My scope looks to be on square and level, and holds a group pretty well, but won't move me any further left. What did I do wrong? and How can I fix this? I can shoot ok, but am at the end of my limited scope knowledge. Appreciate any help you folks can give me. 








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Could be a couple of things - one of the things I've seen suggested is to reverse your rings so that

the latch at the base faces forward. The rings may be off center. If your scope has  AO - an adjustable objective -

it may be causing the problem due to the optics not being in perfect alignment. You can test this by shooting

at a different distances with different AO settings. The same goes for the magnification adjustment.

You can test this this by shooting at a different magnification. The first above would indicate a problem

with the rings. The next two show that the scope is the issue. Another issue may be that you barrel

is not in line with the scope rail. The solution for this seems a bit traumatic but you can bend your barrel.

If it's shrouded that solution won't work.


It looks like your AG is a springer - break barrel spring/gas ram - make sure that your scope is rated to

handle the double recoil. Also, if you adjust your scope turrets so that they are near the end of their

travel, the erector springs will not always hold their position. 


If none of the above works, you may need an adjustable set of rings such a the Burris Signature Zee rings.





The inserts allow you to adjust the both elevation and windage and anywhere in between.


I've experienced all of the above problems in the past and have used the Burris rings among other solutions.


I've seen the above video in the past and have tried that setup. The problem is that the cross hairs in some scopes

are not manufactured with them perfectly lined up with the flat bottom at the erector section.  An easy and fool proof

way the make sure your scope is not canted is to put a level on you scope rail and level your gun. Hang a string with

a weight at the end at about 10 yards from your levelled gun and make sure the string is lit so you can see it through

the scope. Line up the vertical cross hair with the string and this will ensure that your scope is aligned with you gun.


Here is a popular AG forum link - lots of info



Next time your down here in the Valley, drive a few extra miles to Chandler and visit Airguns of Arizona.





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Excellent post K.  Good luck Keeper.


I too have had the troubles and gone to lapping the rings and using alignment rods to ensure proper initial set up but in the end, the Burris rings work SO well.


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