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The weather yesterday in Washington D.C. was ridiculously beautiful (almost 70 degrees in January) and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to sit on my deck with an ice cold beer and a smoking hot grille with an awesome piece of beef before the Pens game last night.
I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with a real nice cut of Hanger Steak from my friends at Hedge Apple Farm. 


Plus, I’m always up for a chance to practice my knife skills.

I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it

I started the prep with using olive oil as my binder for my base layer of seasoning


The A.P. Rub always gets it done as a base layer.


A nice covering of Montreal Seasoning not only for texture but it also give a little crunch on the outer surface of the Hanger Steak

I started with the big piece putting it on first because my wife and kids like their beef more on the medium well to well side. I set my iPhone timer to three minute intervals turning each time. Once I brought the temps up about 120 I pulled the smaller piece off until the big piece got to about 145 and then put the small piece back on for two 3 minute turns. At that point the small piece was showing on my Thermapen at 128 so I pulled them both off.


About a 10 minute rest
I kept it simple with fries and some coleslaw I put together using mayo, lemon and lime juice, chopped pineapple and some A.P. Rub.


If you haven’t tried this cut of beef, give it a try, it is really very tasty.




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Hanger Steak used to be called Hanging Tender.  It's part of the diaphragm but it isn't working muscle.  You'll see it swinging freely from each side of hanging beef.  It's often retained by the butcher and never makes it to general consumers, even when a whole side of beef is ordered.  Steakhouses have been known to sell it as filet.

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7 hours ago, pmillen said:

You'll see it swinging freely from each side of hanging beef.

I was always under the impression that there is only one muscle animal. 


I'm sorry you guys cannot see the pics. I don't know why they aren't visible. I created the thread on my iPhone like most others I've created and I'm not having issues seeing them or on my MacBook. Maybe there is a setting I can change to allow the pics to be visible




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