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Hi all,

Not sure whats going on with my cyberq cloud/pit probe but it seems to show a higher temp than the dome thermometer... its not a big issue just strange as I would expect it to be the other way around.


When the pit probe shows 260f the dome is showing only 220f. I checked them both with boiling water prior to using them. cyberq was showing 207f (good enough for me), and recalibrated the dome thermometer.


I suspect it could possibly be the pit temp probe reading from the wire instead of the tip (where the heat from the firebox rises), but inspecting the wire closely I cannot see any signs of damage.


any hints/tips? Its not a problem but more of a concern that it shows quite a bit higher than the dome temp. If it was the other way around I wouldnt think twice about questioning it lol




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thanks for that info, I knew they would always be different due to different locations, but always assumed the dome temp would be hotter (indirect setup only) than grate temp due to the heat going straight upto the dome and then coming back down in the middle (giving it time to cool slightly before reaching the grate).


I will attatch it to the dome thermometer next time and see if its the same. 


Definitely helps with understanding temp variances between different levels thanks

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