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New table complete!

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On 1/21/2020 at 6:56 AM, mike echo said:

Well done. Hope you start wondering why you didn't do this earlier.:good:

I don't envy you lifting the Primo in.......



I learned a few lessons from the table I built years ago.


I'm going to have to take the primo apart and pray.  With almost no access underneath it is going to be very tricky. 

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That turned out great looking.  I'd just remove the lid and innards.  Then carefully lower it in.  Shoot you pay for the plane ticket and I'll be right out there to help you out.  LOL. Of course then you do know we'll have to try it out.  

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2 hours ago, Chris Topher said:

Nice design! And the finish is beautiful. Please add an update with the primo nestled in the table

Here is a picture with the Primo in it.  I also included a few extra pictures to show the build of the table.  It's held together with construction adhesive and 4" HD deck screws that are counter sunk and hidden under the next level of 4X4 for an invisible hardware look.  The foundation is 8 sections of 4X4 with two 5/8" threaded rods running through them back to front.  It sits on industrial casters. 









I originally built the frame about 6 years ago for a different project that I abandoned so some improvisation was required.  It was pure luck the primo fit in the box.

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Thanks everyone,  I'd say it turned out better than I expected.  It's nice to have so much room on the side tables and with the finish I chose refinish will be a snap every 3 years.  No special prep, just clean, dry and reapply. 

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