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Pizza Pizza Pizza


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I haven't done Pizza on the kamado in a couple of months. I've been in the mood for it for a while. So when I came home from work yesterday I figured I would scratch that itch. Picked up some regular dough and some whole wheat dough from a local pizza shop. Brought the Big Joe up slowly to almost at 600°f  and patiently waited till my pizza stone hit approximately 425°f.

On with the pies and approximately 8 minutes later..........oooh so good!






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1 minute ago, Chris Topher said:

 Did you do an egg wash or something to keep the sesame seed from falling off?

Usually I'll put a little olive oil on the crust before adding the sesame seeds but on these pies I didn't put anything.

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12 hours ago, Brandon Store said:

Very nice! Look really big, 16 inch or 18?

I always try to make my pies as big as my peel. I actually have a 18" soapstone that I've been using instead of my regular pizza stone. It takes a little longer to heat up but I really like the extra real estate.

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