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XYLO Lump charcoal


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On 2/21/2021 at 3:04 PM, Wildwr said:

Figured it was time for an XYLO update. I Contacted the company in Quebec last week inquiring about their Block Charcoal and they indicated there’d be a delivery to Lowe’s in Ontario this week.  Sure enough Lowe’s has signature and Block in stock and it’s going fast.  
As always I like having lots on hand so I picked up 25 bags of Block.  This stuff is incredible.   Great for those really long hauls.   
better get it while supplies last. 

Wheeeewwww!  Score...  just checked online and my local store got one skid of Block and five skids of lump!  Headed out after dinner and will stock up.  Thanks!



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Just picked up two bags of the Xylo block and can’t wait to try it out.  The bags were 6kg versus around 8 for the Fogo Super Premium I had been buying.  This works out to about $1.65 CAD a pound for the Xylo Block versus $2.05 for the Fogo. The HST tax almost makes it break even since the FOGO is cash only, all-in.  

First impression is good,  there was no noticeable dust floating around in the bags, and no small pieces detected.  More details to follow.


PS - Lowes were well stocked with KJ, Cowboy, Xylo, etc...  and they even had a huge clearance table of BBQ items.  See photos.






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I’ve been curious about XYLO since it showed-up at Lowes stores in Canada.  It’s a Canadian sustainable lump charcoal.  I always get nervous about Maple Charcoal since you get too many bags with tiny pieces in other brands. 

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Well, finally,got,around to opening the bag of Xylo.  What a let down.  Whilst nice and clean (little dust), the vast majority of the charcoal was tiny and not really suited to low and slow use.  I poured the bag out onto a plastic sheet and sorted the largest pieces out.  It was easily 2/3 to 1/3 or even 3/4 to 1/4 small pieces to large.  

Looks to me like a quick call to my Fogo guy is in order….




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