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The best pizzas ive ever made

Brandon Store

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I am going to be getting a wood fire pizza oven soon to do neapolitan style. And started practicing a recipe out on the Dojoe. I took Alton Brown’s last pizza dough ill ever need recipe and took out the sugar and the oil. And dropped it to a 60% hydration dough (original recipe is 66%) and switched out bread flour for 00 flour i got from amazon. if you wanna try this heres what i did


690 grams 00 flour

414 grams water

9 grams yeast

20 grams salt


In the mixer on medium-low until dough ball formed then on high for 5 minutes to knead it. 
Into fridge for an over night rise. Took it out of the fridge and let it sit for 2 hours, then split the dough into two balls weighing 550 each(that size made a 16 inch pie). Let em rest for an hour while the big joe preheated. Got the dojoe to 675 and they baked for 4 minutes each. 




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