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First Pork Butt Cook In Progress - NEED ADVICE


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Ok so I started my first pork butt cook with a pit temp of 275.  It is a 8 pound bone in pork but.  After 2 hours the internal meat temp is already 124!?!  Is this normal?  I was thinking at 275 I was looking at about an hour a pound?  I backed the pit down to 250.  Should I be worried or am I over thinking this?

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I usually do mine at around 225 to 240 degrees and make sure that the meat is injected with apple juice.  The juice slows the cooking process a little.  Dont forget that you will get a stall at about 160 degrees that may last as much as an hour and a half.   If you go for a meat temp of about 201 then let it rest in a hot cooler for as much as two hours, you should be good to pull your pork around supper t8me tonight.  Not to worry.

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Thanks for asking!  So my cook went pretty well!  After getting advice here, as well as from my neighbor, I stopped panicking and let the butt do it's thing.


Here is a link to the cook from my Flame Boss.  




You can see my panic period around the 8a hour.  The pork butt went on about 7a and then I wrapped it in foil with some apple juice and apple cider. vinegar about 12:20p. I pulled the pork butt off the grill about 3p and rested in double wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler under 5p.  I put pictures below.  Everyone loved the pork!  There were a few spots in the butt that weren't as probe tender as I would have liked so I think next time I'll have a little more patience and keep it on longer.  


There is a bonus picture below of the wings.  After I finished the butt, I cranked the grill up to 400 and used the Kamado Joe Chicken Wing Method and holy crap they were great.  Definitely a crowd favorite.  


Again, thanks for the help.  Pics below if you're interested.








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The few times I've cooked pork but at 250 - 275 it has cooked a bit faster, I would imagine 275 - 325 would just blow straight through the stall.  It isn't a problem, pork butt is very forgiving, but my faster butts just didn't have the same bark and smoke profile as a 225 low and slow.

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