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Kick A_s Nitro Mocha

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Awhile back my neighbor's wife gave me a can of "coffee beer" or some such thing..... No resemblance to beer, it was just alcoholic creamed coffee, and asked me if I could "brew" that. I laughed after tasting it, and explained that there was no "brewing" involved except brewing coffee. The cream and alcohol were added later. It was a "compounded" drink, not a brewed one. Not so long ago I made an attach bracket to put a stout faucet on one of my wonderful little 1.75 gallon corny kegs from Williams Brewing. I use these in the fridge, as they will fit on the top shelf where "normal" folks keep milk... with party taps on short hoses. It was an interesting project, and I made a bracket that bolts to one handle, and under the beer out fitting quick coupler, which I had to machine off to make room and still seal to the keg. Instead of a vertical handle, I fabricated a horizontal handle so it would fit in the fridge. The nozzle is just high enough for a pint glass.... if you tilt it a bit. This was for nitro covfefe.... as I call it..... sometimes morons come up with expressions worth using by accident!

I simply made a gallon and a half of cold brew decaf (the only coffee I will drink), added cream, and chocolate syrup, and everclear to make it an 6% brew. Charged it with CO2 briefly and put in 60 psi of nitrogen. Turned out to be a well loved "brew", however the cream tended to curdle a bit....... Not a real problem. A bit of reading revealed that increasing the PH (lower acidity) would alleviate this issue, so the second batch got baking soda added until I liked the PH.... about 2 teaspoons........ Problem solved.

I now have a keg of "Kick ### Mocha" on tap in the fridge........ at home. They drank the first keg I cranked the second keg up to 8% because you could not detect the alcohol in the first.... this one leaves no doubt about what it is. It doesn't "sneak up on you"


Disclaimer:   I'm a brewer from way back..........  In the mid 60's when I was not even  in my teens yet, I was brewing applejack, and hard rootbeer, right under my parent's noses.   I've brewed beer and wine and distilled spirits ever since, my first still when I was 15  years old, my second had thermostatic controls and temp gauges, etc.  I've brewed hundreds of beers and wines since that time.


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