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Butt Kooking Time

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Dumped in the last of my Cowboy lump for a Saturday night pork butt. If you've seen any of the negative comments on Cowboy I didn't have any problems with the bag I had.  It was definitely a lot smokier start than my old KJ Big Block, but produced good food. See you smoke Cowboy! Up next is a bag of RO XL cut should be fun.  For now I've got a pork butt to cook.



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I have to apologize for no finished product pictures, I won't go into details since its irrelevant to the cook, but yesterday sucked hard.  The butt turned out fantastic though.  Smoked for roughly 12-13 hours overnight at 225.  When I woke up it had only hit about 185 internal and I wanted to finish it before I went to church and get it resting for lunch.  I cranked it up to 300 and it probably took about an hour or so after that to finish.  Got to hand it to my Akorn and my little BBQube buddy, they churn out delicious food.  Rub was Weber Spicy Dark Cocoa with a spicy mustard binder.  If you got some of the bark you could taste the cocoa it was really quite delicious.  I couldn't tell if the spicy mustard binder did anything, but I felt it was worth a shot since I had been using regular yellow mustard as a binder.  I think the mustard just completely neutralized by the rub and smoke. 

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11 hours ago, Rob_grill_apprentice said:

Looks like it is coming along good.  

That was just the color imparted by the rub, it came out beautiful and tasted fantastic, my pork butt game is on another level compared to the garbage turned out by your average bbq restaurant.

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