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A few recent cooks

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Haven't been cooking much winter doldrums been eating out. Sal and I went away for a couple nights to a cabin. With wind ripping and snowing sideways took indoor route

Really nice when a girl you dated and a life long friend owns a butcher shop. Called her up said want two 2" thick chuckeyes. They're 21oz a piece. They're meats amazing. Gave a 2 hour. bath in Worcestershire sauce, seasoned with Kingsford original (really good) into oven for reverse sear to 120, into cast iron pan for sear to 128.
Then blackened shrimp in cast. Vegetables in oven potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, green beans yellow squash, red pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions in butter, garlic and pepper seasoning. Last we found a artisan bread we love toasted


Next night. Honey glaze pork tenderloin

Sal whipped up a meal tonight Pork tenderloins with a glaze with pure honey and BBQ sauce and other things I found online years ago for ribs in oven a member here claimed he came up with found the recipe few years prior and posted link lol @ 250 to 130 basting every 10 minutes and a flash sear to 145 in cast. Hassleback potatoes with butter an onions. Garlic, pepper and butter green beans and asparagus. With toasted artisan bread.





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