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Costco road show pricing


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Hi guys been a long time since I have posted anything. 


Upgrading my Akorn to a KJ Big Joe 3


The roadshow is coming to the Costco near me end of the month. 


Does anyone know what they typically price these at? Do they even offer it?


I am ready to buy from the Ceramic Grill Store, I do not see any prices close to this anywhere else, I doubt Costco will but I would like to get an idea if waiting is worth it or not




edit- I do now see another thread on it down the page, maybe my questions have been answered there but I would still like any input if you have any

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the lump is something like 22 bucks a bag, but its a 30 pounder, not the 20pounds you see elsewhere, and is a decent deal for what some (myself included) call quality lump charcoal. the JTs are priced aggressively too, usually coming in at the sale prices you see at other retailers.

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