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Once you've had lamb on the spit...

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It really doe ruin lamb done any other way as it just doesnt compare!


Since doing my dry run with chicken after buying a rotisserie last week Ive been dying to do some lamb.


I picked up a deboned lamb shoulder when the weekend finally arrived. Marinated it in salt, garlic, lemon zest, oregano and oil. Rolled it up with a little more oregano and garlic in the middle.  Put it back in the frodge overnight.


Today got the kj up to temp. Was aiming at 350f and over shot. Ended up settling around 380f.  On went the lamb. 3 hours later with a bit of basting in between came off around 90c. I wanted to get to 94c but was running out of time with the kids. Was still tender, juicy and could pull apart.


Served it up with some roastptotatoes, lighlty pickled onions with sumac and a tahini sauce. Was some rocket dressed in lemon for the greens. 


Was awesome.  




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Thanks all. I have a few now photos but when I took them on my phone they were max res So couldn't upload as over the max limit. Will need to remember to change that next time. 


Lamb is definitely one of my favs and isuspect this will be aregular in my house now :-)

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