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Proper Cottage Pie

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Fired up the KJ for an all afternoon cook. Started by sweating the veg, removing them and then browning the meat. Finally combined and let it cook for a few hours with oak wood, before assembling and finishing back on the grill. Well worth the effort. Richness and smokiness not normally associated with cottage pie! Hey Pitmaster X where are you??

















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Had to look up what “Cottage Pie” was and found out it is like Shepard’s Pie which is a favorite of mine. 

I can tell you, I think I could eat a rather large helping of your Cottage Pie. Nice cook!!

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13 minutes ago, JeffieBoy said:

 loved the photos.  Great control of the depth of field.  I used to be able to do that with my Hassy and CF 150mm Sonnar but have never really concentrated on keeping up myskills since going digital about 15 years ago.  

Nice work!

Those are some nice pix. I had a whole Hassy setup years ago and still have a 4 X 5.  I'm like you, since I went digital and did a few upgrades I'm now using cameras that know more than I do.  Kind of like when I climb on my wife's horse.

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Daninpd,  Sold my Arca Swiss 4x5 box through a major Toronto store about 30 yrs ago. Buggers sold it off on consignment, piecemeal over about a three month period. I got several small cheques for something like 100, 20, 15, 50 dollars over several months.  Never did get the full value and I still cry myself to sleep over that theft all these years later.  I miss that camera.  

Recently cleaned out the garage and found some holders, stainless processing tanks, etc.  Couldn’t bear to toss them.

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