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JOEtisserie Accessory

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I was watching videos on YouTube where it showed new grilling products coming out this year and I noticed the Kamado Joe booth that had the new pellet grill and what it looked like a JOEtisserie basket. Is this new? Has anyone seen this before?


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Hey John!


Thanks for the reply.

BTW- I am a big fan of the content and support you provide to this community. I am normally not a person who posts on forums but I do read them for assistance. The wife and I watch all of your videos for ideas on what to cook every weekend. Please keep it up. We really appreciate it. 

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More even cooking, the wings are constantly turning so the opportunity for one side to get scorched is a little reduced. This ::should:: ensure more crispy overall surfaces. I usually build a ::SMALL:: ripping hot fire banked way to the back when I do this.

Plus it looks cool

That said, you generally cannot cook as many wings this way, so if you needed to do lots lots lots, the grate is the way to go

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There are cheaper basket accessories that I think are worth it. I say cheaper because that image looks like this is a pretty heavy duty basket, and will have a premium as a KJ branded accessory. I have no idea what they'd offer it for.


I have the napoleon grill basket, for my classic. It works great for wings, and i also have seen others roast their own coffee or nuts in it. I didn't have a bumper crop of peppers last year, otherwise they were destined for it.


I also have a flat basket, which I have used for fish in the past, it is visually very impressive, and the fish was pretty great too. Future plans for this include loading it up with leg quarters or thighs and taking them for a ride.


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Any reviews out of this yet? Looking at the pictures at AGC, it looks like the spit spike doesn't go all the way through the basket.


I like that in flat basket mode you can adjust the thickness for when you're doing fish, veggies, etc.


I can't tell if the bowl basket has flippers like my Napoleon basket to help tumble wings better. 

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