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Dessert pizza ideas?


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It’s my sons 8th birthday today and we were going to have company from out of town, but we decided everyone should avoid travel for the time being. So now I have 6 pizza dough balls proofing and only half the people to eat them tonight. I started thinking about trying a a couple dessert pizzas. Wondering if anyone has any good easy toppings they have had success with?  Was thinking about cinnamon streusel, maybe a s’mores style?  Or am I just looking to burn the sugars?  Normally cook 600-650°. Any ideas appreciated on short notice!

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19 hours ago, len440 said:

What temp did you use? Have you tried pre baking the pizza dough then adding the toppings? The smors looked fantastic and sounds just as good.

6 pizzas was a stretching my heat a bit.  By the last pizza I was nearly out of lump and temp had dropped to about 475.  Not ideal, but for that one I did pre-bake the crust for about 2 minutes, then spread on the nutella and put the rest of toppings on, and then put back in for about another 4 or 5 mins until everything had melted.  Due to the low heat my crust on that one didn't brown up but it was still good.  Pre-baking worked well though I would do it again.  It's pizza for dinner tonight, only doing 3 pies so I will have lots of heat so may try the smores again.  Kids definitely loved that one.

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You can make cheese filling to put on top, then add fruit slices,  peach or , plums or mango.  If fruit very wet take some moisture off with towel, too wet cheese filling won’t bake proper.  Cheese filling. ( cream cheese, ricotta cheese, flour, sugar, egg, vanilla, melted butter). Then put streusel on top.    This was Brioche Cake with cheese filling with fruit and streusel.    Use pizza dough instead  to create dessert pizza.    If interested I could give weights for cheese filling and streusel.  


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I really like date or fig pizza with goat cheese and a honey drizzle. 

very nice fruit pie. Another favorite is pear, and walnut with ricotta cheese. Here are a couple of dried fig and goat cheese honey drizzle pies. For your kids, it just depends on their palate likes and dislikes, when was I kid, I loved fig Newtons. 


These pies also have torn pieces of prosciutto on them. The pork fat glazes the fruit for an amazing flavor. Sometimes I add candied sliced  pecans. Actually a very elegant desert or appetizer pie., cut into smaller wedges. 


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