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feedback on dojoe


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hi everyone


Just wanted to give you a feedback on my experience so far with the dojoe (on kamado big joe)


i have a very mixed feeling with this accessory. i am loving all others kamado accessories however


From access to the center of stone (very small opening), temperature control (most of the time below my required temperature (i like to cook pizza close to 700deg f) ) and the impossibility to cool down the charcoal for a next cook (you cannot close the dome until it cool down completely) i have very negative feelings about this product.


But the most annoying thing for me is the charcoal consumption to reach an acceptable temperature...it is just unbelievable  the amount of charcoal you need to put inside the kamado just to cook couple of pizzas


i have made a quick calculation and i would reimburse almost a dedicated pizza oven (like ooni pro) in less than 10-15 cooks only vs the amount of charcoal i am putting right now 


i have made several trials (almost 7) and my conclusion is simple: i will stop cooking with the dojoe and invest in a dedicated pizza oven...i gave up... and i can tell you it does require a lot for me the give up something i invested 300usd


could be good to share your feedback on this product. maybe i raised my expectations to high :)








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I have the DoJoe as well but I have a very different opinion. To me, I think it's a fun accessory to use. If I wanted to crank out pizzas all the time I'd have a dedicated pizza oven as you state. But, for having another couple over and doing a DIY pizza night this thing has been a hit. It pretty much sets itself up at 600 degrees and using the recipe for dough provided, it makes great authentic Italian pizza dough. I can usually get 4-6 12-14" pizzas before it starts to cool off. It does burn some fuel but honestly I use my KJ sometimes just to get to 900 degrees to sear a steak and that burns a ton of fuel. These things are like a swiss army knife, not spectacular at any one thing but the most versatile tool for cooking outdoors you could have. 

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yes it is definitely a fun accessory to use. it is well made and quite impressive on when it sit on the big joe.Obviously it cooks good pizzas if you like the 600f temp mark. 


however as mentioned it consume  so much fuel that i am questioning the price tag you pay for it. Personnaly i would advise to invest in a dedicated pizza oven and use your kamado for what it does best. You will enjoy same fun (if not better), ability to produce different pizza style (napolitean), be able to prepare a side cook on the kamado while cooking pizza’s  (why not smoked chicken wings mmmh) and pay less overtime...thats my personnal conclusion.

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i had another try with the dojoe today


i have put a full bag of charcoal, took 30-40

min to reach 700-750 f and stay at that temperature for 40-50 min.

excellent result for napoletan pizza, nice crust, nice wooden taste, 2 min cooking.


i would say that for that even it is not (at all)  fuel efficient, but  the results are there.


kids and wife enjoyed





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