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The best way hands down to store and reheat meat

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There will obviously be exceptions to this for example this won't work for beef jerky or sushi but let's be real.


You need the best environment to store the amazing food you just pulled from the kamado and you want it to taste and look just like the day you you pulled it off the coals even months later.  Am I right?


First and most importantly get a vaccum food sealer.  Many brands and options exist, the "right" one isn't for this post.  It provides the best option for longterm storage available. 


Not only do you get the storage advantage but it sets you up for the best way to reheat that delicious goodness, hot water.   


If you store the meat in meal sized portions appropriate for your household then all you need to do it pull it from the freezer and put it in a large bowl of water at the appropriate temperature for what's in the bag.  Change the water a few times and it's ready.   Just like the day you made it.


I have done this with many different kinds of meat and it always works extraordinary well.  Here we have prime rib from 12/25/2019.  It was cooked sous vide and seared.  It was reheated in water that measured 130°f for about 25 minutes changing the water 3 times.  It turned out great.








You could not do this any other way.   Trust me when I say there is no other way to do this.   Pulled pork, sliced brisket,  chicken breast,  steak or in this case prime rib.  It's perfect.


I have seen the question of "what's the best way to reheat meat" many times and I hope this ends it.

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47 minutes ago, mbellot said:

If you have a sous vide setup why would you use multiple water changes?


Run a pot of water up to temperature and soak your vacuum bag for the desired time.


Just curious.

Totally agree, especially for larger cuts but the overwhelming point is that you don't need fancy equipment to do this.  Hot water from the sink and/or microwave can make this work very well for 4-16 oz pieces of meat.  A pound of most protein will make dinner for the 4 of us.

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great advice!


I usually dont like having leftovers purely because its not as good as fresh from the grill. Will definitely have to try this in the future....


coming from post 2, would it be better to get a sous vide setup (i dont know much about sous vide) to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, or would a vacuum sealer do a better job of sealing for the freezer?




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I'll put a big pot of water on the stove. Put the frozen vacuum saved bag in the water and turn on the stove to md/high. Once it gets close to boiling it's ready. 


For pulled pork don't pull the leftovers. Vacuum seal it in large chunks. After reheating then you pull it. Tastes like it just came off the grill. 


We do leftovers like this a lot. We purposely make an extra pan of Mac and cheese to save in the freezer, works pretty good. 



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