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brisket point?

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Was in the grocery store this morning and saw the butcher package and put out a 5 lb brisket point.  I had only seen flats before in the store so I immediately picked it up (although the price wasn't cheap it will give me something to do during quarantine).


What is the best way to go about cooking a brisket point?  It's my first go so it will be trial and error but wanted some suggestions.

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*sigh*  I'm always on the hunt for brisket point...definitely our favorite and never found alone around here.  


Not sure it is the *best* way, but my first thought is I would prepare it like any other brisket cook - season, smoke, probe, rest, eat!!


Of course, that fatty cut could  be prepared so many ways....

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I was at the Miramar MCX last week and brisket point was all they had.  I rubbed it as usual and cooked it fat side down to @225 to 160, wrapped it in butcher paper and let it go till around 195 at the thickest center.  Came out great.  Made a brisket and sausage gumbo with some of the leftovers.

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So I did the brisket point yesterday for the first time. ~4 lbs after the fat was trimmed and took longer than expected. I put it on at 10am and it reached ~201-203 at 10pm.  Had it going between 225-250 and decided not to wrap because I like the bark.


With it being so late, I wrapped it in foil then put it in the cooler with some towels for about 6-7 hours.  Woke up and put it in the fridge.  For lunch I put it foiled in the oven at 170 until it reached 140.  Turned out pretty good in my opinion for the first time.  The pictures are a few slices I cut.9D0404EB-43A9-4479-A19C-17B6204A400E.thumb.jpeg.a07cf2219492606e86a729f7aef79c10.jpeg


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