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I'm on a modified schedule so I've got a ton of time on my hands...

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I decided to make a Youtube video.



At times I felt like I was struggling to get through some of the scenes and it was a bit more awkward than I thought but I found once you get going it becomes easier and easier. I felt very odd talking into a camera with no one else in the room.


I would appreciate any suggestions on what I could do for improvement. Please bear in mind that this is my very first one and i had no help using the camera and zero experience with editing.






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13 minutes is a really long video. Most people probably won't sit through 13 minutes. I would keep the videos down to 5-6 minutes. 


When you're in the kitchen and you're working with your hands (grinding, injecting etc...) the camera needs to be filming your hands so people see what you're doing. 


Reasonable first attempt and you're definitely braver than I am. B)



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Thanks for the suggestions Charles. I understand what you're referring to regarding actually watching what I'm doing rather than standing in front of the camera. Like I said I did this by myself and have zero experience making and editing videos. But... I'll figure it out.


prowe, don't be a hater. You must be a lover of the Great 8.



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One suggestion I have is to all ingredients pre-measured but also have the original containers behind the containers to show what you’re using.    After talking about what you are going to make, change focus to hands and ingredients to show process of mixing etc.  

I would also try to keep video around 5-6 minutes like ckreef suggested.  You are much braver than I am with doing videos.  

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That's a great suggestion, I too thought about that having the ingredients in premeasured bowls when I was going through the editing and looking for various places to reduce the time.


I learned more about the whole process by going through the editing because you're watching yourself on video and you're focusing on segments of time that you can cut out. All the while you watch a section of video 20-30 seconds at a time over and over again suddenly you find yourself critiquing yourself. You start focusing on all the uhs & ands, I need to have better posture or how to have a smoother delivery of my material.


As for the length, you'd be surprised how hard it is to cut it down. I originally started with almost 3 dozen segments of between 20 secs. to a minute and a half. You'd think it's not that long but when you put it all together you have a video that's over 30 mins long.


Thanks Rob for your input.


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