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using the heat deflector for low and slow cooking

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Hi everyone,

  The last two times I slow cooked meat, ribs and a brisket, I used the heat deflector. Is that the norm when cooking low and slow? I noted that temperature was much easier to control as opposed to no defector. Without it, I had a hell of a time keeping the heat steady. Looking for feedback.





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The short answer Buddy is yes. There are a number of other things you could do to keep the temps low but the easiest is to have a heat deflector.


You may also want to try putting your fuel on one side of your fire box to create an indirect or cool area for cooking. You could also start out with less fuel but you'd have to keep a very close eye on it to make sure that you didn't run out of charcoal which means a lot of opening your pit and losing all that heat which you've worked so hard to build. 


Hopefully that helps you.


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Use the deflector in the lowest position for low n slow under 300°F, if you want to bbq or roast indirect from 325°-400°F then put it in the upper position. If you’re going to brave a pizza cook, I find that 525°F is more than sufficient and will place the deflectors on top of the grates and then put my stone in an elevated position above the plates using my KJ expander rack. Some prefer to use something like stainless steel or cooper pipe fittings to create a small air gap between the deflectors and pizza stone but I prefer to get my pizzas up higher in the dome for that reflective heat on the tops as well. Keep looking through the forums and ask questions, you’ll eventually master the kamado and it will become as easy as cooking on a gasser. 

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1 hour ago, Buddy110 said:

Wait, I am confused. I have a ceramic plate, 1/2"~ thick. Is that the deflector or pizza stone?

The terms are interchangeable for the same piece of gear.  Your 1/2 inch ceramic plate can be used as a deflector or as a pizza stone. The terms deflector or pizza stone refer to how you use the ceramic stone. If you place the stone on a rack beneath your grate and then cook food on your grate, the plate /stone under the grate, serves as a deflector to soften or deflect rising heat from your fire to prevent any  excess heat from burning what ever you are cooking.  However, if you take the same  plate / stone and place it on the grate, you can now use it as a pizza stone and place a pie on it. Here is a pic of my pizza set up. Two identical stones one on the bottom, the other on top. The bottom stone serves as a deflector while the top stone serves as a pizza stone where I place my pies. Your 1/2" ceramic plate has two  main  uses and different terms to describe it depending on how you choose to use it.





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I was miss leading about the deflector acting as a heat sink, it's purpose is to keep the direct heat coming off the coals from scorching the meat. and help to stabilize the temp of the grill, and allow the heat coming from around the plate heat the air. I know this is not a scientific explanation 

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