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Easter Rack of Lamb

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Any time roasted meat is placed in front of my family, there ensues a fight over the end cuts. That flavorful crust of fat, juice, and spices that delights the palate. Today I am doing a rack of lamb, unfortunately not for the whole fam given our current stay at home condition, but just for my wife and I. However, family tradition involves turning the whole rack into individual chops to make every bite a bite of the treasured "Kings End Cut" as we call it. I cut the rack with a boning knife, slather it with good olive oil and then apply a spice rub. I have experimented with home made rubs, rubs from famous providers, fresh garlic and herb blends, and believe it or not, off the shelf McCormick's Roasted Garlic and Herb blend comes out on top of the bunch. I add a very liberal amount on top of the oil and then cover the rack and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours. I plan to light my fire about 3:00 pm this afternoon. I will make a 2 zone set up using a half stone and a Spyder. It is an easy quick cook using both the indirect and the open flame sides of my grate, drawing the chops back and forth from side to side. I will also be putting on a pan of chopped olives, dates, garlic, green onion, and mandarin orange segments, which will go into a risotto my wife will be making. Tune back in if you're interested. Happy Easter, all. He is Risen!


Grace and Peace 



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This is the combination I made for my wife to add to her risotto. Chopped green onion, greek olives, dates, mandarin oranges, with garlic cloves and a splash of Spanish sherry. 


Lamb on the grill



Once they are marked well, move em to the indirect heat side to finish


When they hit an IT of 130 on my thermapen I pulled em. 



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