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KJ Big Block sale at Costco Online

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@Boots @retfr8flyr I ordered some on April 7. It took several days for my order to be processed. When I got an email with tracking information on April 7 I went to the tracking and it was being shipped from Columbus, GA scheduled to be delivered to me April 9. Tracking my order status right now it says shipping and delivery dates are pending. I went to the KJ web page and it shows KJ Big Block sold out.

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I ordered directly from KJ a few weeks ago. It was indeed out of stock on my first attempts but within a few days I was able to put the order through. Much as @Golf Griller stated, I ordered on 3/26, receing the tracking number on 4/2 and received the delivery on 4/6. Would I order again? Hmmmm... not sure because the condition they arrived in is not optimum. Then again, I am overly particular about that kind of thing.


Ordered five bags total. Two bags come to a shipping box. No padding of course and there is maybe 6" to 8" of airspace top to bottom in the box. Combined with no fragile label, FedEx is less than delicate with the boxes, etc. etc... The overall condition was OK, I guess. At least one bag had burst open but, the charcoal was all still in the bag. I hear a little too much small material shifting when moving the bags around again confirming they were handled badly.


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I just checked the tracking on my KJ Big Block. It was picked up yesterday and should be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow. I also ordered some Fogo Sunday and it is also going to be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow.

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I placed a Costco order for the KJ lump on 4/14 and received an email from Costco on 4/17 saying that the lump was shipped, via FedEx. The Tracking Detail page at FedEx has shown "Shipment information sent to FedEx" since April 17. It doesn't look like the lump is in FedEx's hands yet.


That's OK by me. I'm patient, and there are many more people in much more dire need of their deliveries than I am right now for this lump (which feels like a luxury item).


I've seen, expectedly, a bunch of delays through UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, etc.

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I had some issues with FedEx on this order.  It was shipped directly from KJ in Columbus, in two packages (2 20lbs Bag per package). At first, FedEx showed both on the truck out for delivery on a Friday 4/17 and neither of them came.  FedEx tracker showed both on the truck and out for delivery on Monday, but only one box was delivered.  Nothing on Wednesday and it showed up on the tracker as delivered!  I called FedEx to trace it and the second package was delivered on Thursday.  So I ordered on the 12th and got the first package on the 20th and the second on the 23rd. Like @Chris Topher, I was in no hurry as I had some on hand already.  It made me a tad nervous though when the tracker was showing that both packages were delivered. :-o


These were loose bags in a large box.  Not the individual boxed KJ XL Lump that I have received in the past.  I haven't opened any of them yet, so not sure about how broke up it got during shipment like that. I will use one of these bags next.

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