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What to replace my Akorn Jr with

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I recently had my Akorn Jr stolen from my backyard. I still have my full size Akorn but found I was using Jr about as much as the bigger Akorn, especially when it came to searing steaks. Having screaming embers in 15 minutes and being able to drop the grate almost right onto the flames makes for an awesome sear.


I am tossing up between getting another Akorn Jr or stepping up to a KJ Jr. I like the look of the KJ but feel the kinds of cooks it really excels at are probably more suited to the larger KJ. Looking for advice to sway me either way. For reference, down under the Akorn Jr is $250 and the KJ Jr is $800. Normally cooking for two adults and a teenager.

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3 hours ago, AntinOz said:

I recently had my Akorn Jr stolen from my backyard.

What the Flunk!?! 

You need a very big dog! 

That's insane! 

Maybe the ceramic would be more difficult for them to run away with. I have a single full-sized Akorn but I am getting a Jr when I build my table. Porch shrinkage. 

I would recommend the Jr and security cameras or something. Ceramic is nice and all but put the excess dough to good use. 


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On 4/18/2020 at 1:52 PM, Family_cook said:

Primo Oval Jr. is a nice option.  If I were to add a second or had to replace my current large BGE it would be my choice.



I love my Primo Junior. They do actually sell a cradle for it, so it can be somewhat portable. (2 people).

A Big Green Egg Mini-Max is also pretty good. I cooked on a friend’s once, and really enjoyed the experience. 

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I've owned numerous Akorn Jr's and currently own a Primo Oval Jr with GO cradle. With that said my vote is for a Blackstone griddle or equivalent. 


You still have a full sized Kamado so that base is covered. You'd get a ton of use from a good griddle (bigger than a one burner tabletop). I venture you'd use a nice griddle more than your full sized Akorn. 



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