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Camping Shrimp Paella


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Not the prettiest paella I've made but not bad for an impromptu cook scrounging ingredients from the house. Cooked on a CampChef burner. Yup camping in the backyard again but what else is there to do with a shelter in place order. 












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13 hours ago, Vanole said:

I am starting to think many of the folks on this board want to shelter in place with you. Scrounging around can be a good thing as evidenced in you pics. Nice job.


TY @Vanole, I had most of the main ingredients, just had to do a few substitutions. My son is home from college so that was a good sized paella pan but it would be a bit big to take camping for just me and Mrs skreef. So that prompted me to buy a smaller 10" paella pan.


On a side note the La Tienda website where I ordered the pan has been hit hard. Looks like about 75% of their website is out of stock. I was able to get the pan and another bag of rice but not the Bomba rice I wanted (all out of stock). I had to settle for Calasparra rice which should work just fine. 



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My wife is Colombian and paella is not really one of their dishes. However she makes a great paella. When I was in the Navy we went to a pot-luck and Ampy made paella. It was devoured promptly. A couple of the senior officers wives asked Ampy to make paella for parties they were throwing. Yes indeed it helps if you have the prper tools (paella pan).

During the Holidays in South Florida paella is big business and of course it has a cuban flair. 

Here is a link with the"cuban" touch. Its hidden in the rice section oc main dishes.



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