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Beef Burnt Ends

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So I’ve made pork belly burnt ends using John Setzler’s recipe and method a couple times and although they were really good I did find them a bit fatty.  Maybe I just need to let them render down longer, I don’t know. I know people make them also out of part of the brisket but I’ve never made a brisket and due to the price and size I shy away.  My question is: is there say a five pound or so cut of beef that I could get that would be ideal for making beef burnt ends?

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Probably not. Brisket burnt ends are made from the point end. While brisket flats are somewhat common, I’ve never seen just a point for sale.  Most likely you’ll have to use a full packer brisket and seperate the point and flat yourself. 


Look up chuck roast burn ends, aka poor man as burnt ends. It uses just a chuck roast and can be surprisingly similar to brisket burnt ends. 

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