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Sour dough pizza


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Ive been making a really basic pizza recipe consisting of salt, yeast, water, flour. So i can cook at high temps without burning the crust (oil and sugar can cause this) My wife mentioned that crust doesnt have much flavor in it. So I decided to try a sour dough version. Heres the grams if you want to try this, i have a very active starter I feed it daily and double what I have by weight at 100% hydration. 

example, if the starter I have weighs 100 grams, i add 50 grams water, 50 grams flour and stir


This recipe is


515 Four

239 Water

350 Starter

20 grams salt


after dough ball is formed, I let my kitchen aid mixer kneed on speed setting 6 for 10 minutes


Over night rise in the refrigerator. Take dough out of fridge 5 hours before pizza time. After 3 hours divide into dough balls and let proof for an hour to two hours. i do two 500 gram dough balls, makes two 14-15inch pizzas


baked this time at 650 for 5 minutes.  Looking to go much higher next time


pepperoni and cheese


fresh mozzarella and sprinkled dried basil (i dropped the ball and didnt use fresh whole leaf basil was still good) 


And wife confirmed this tasted better. 


also my setup on the kamado was, heat deflectors sit directly on the top rack, grill expander on top of heat deflectors, pizza stone on top of expander. 



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