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Pizza Dough Contraction


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Hi all,

Frst admission is the subject attached was cooked in a Cobb cooker not a Kamado. But over lump charcoal.
I’ve just ordered my Classic Joe 3 and Ikamand V2. In anticipation I ran a batch of individual pizzas over the weekend.


Dough and pizza were top notch.

Accept the dough contracted more than I’d like whilst rolling out.

Is that generally just due to not being refrigerated at the time ? I made the dough the night before. Raised needed wrapped and refrigerated over night.  It expanded more, I knocked the air out held at 40deg Celsius for an hour or so then needed and sat for another hour or two. 
the dough was hard to keep in shape while forming. 


that being said I minced coarsely  a cut of pork shoulder added fresh thyme, flakes salt, fine white pepper, garlic and made balls. They took

on the Smokey charcoal flavour incredibly. 





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I'm confused by this:  "It expanded more, I knocked the air out held at 40deg Celsius for an hour or so then needed and sat for another hour or two."


40*C = 104*F. Holding at that high temp for an hour and then for another hour or two doesn't make any sense to me. Pizza dough snapping back when trying to form into a skin is often a sign of the dough being too cold. 


My pizza workflow is usually a 24-hour room temperature ferment. Sometimes, I throw it in the fridge to slow things down if it's a particularly warm day or if I need to delay my cook. It'll be usable for at least another day from the fridge, but needs to get back to room temp.


I don't roll to open the dough into a pizza skin. Instead, I stretch.


I never punch down my dough.

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