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Frst cook on my new Traeger 850

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Delivered this morning about 9:00 am by a guy in a mask, gloves and typical Covid 19 apparel. Easily got it off the truck and on to the deck.



Cooked spatchcocked chicken,. probably thanks to Covid 19, I finally found a small chicken 3.2 lbs, and  much smaller compared to the usual 5 lb monsters .After running the grill at  350 and eventually 400 f for an hour, I was ready to cook. Dialed in 400 degrees and set up the WiFi conections,  as  it came up to temp. Chicken came out absolutely perfect, moist, flavorful. I was amazed at all the grill space I had available. I cooked a pan of potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery, which came out excellent, as well. I used a pellet blend called winemakers blend, and the aroma was amazing. Truly excellent cook. The only thing missing was the "man and fire"  zen, I love about Kamado Cooking. Cooking on the Traeger was no stress ,dial in the temp, push a button to ignite, and drink a beer, no zen mystic at all. 


took a walk around the yard and this sweet girl came up to see us. Deer in the neighborhood are way too tame. Only about 4 ft away from us. 



later while breaking down the chicken , for the first time in a long time, I cut myself. No stitches necessary but a deep nasty cut. Pay attention my friends loose focus,  and this can happen  to anyone.Be careful out there.





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The Traeger looks good, especially on your deck :)

I have the Traeger Pro575, it is easy, I love it. When I first got it last Feb, it pretty much replaced my use of the Akorn for the year. Since Jan of this year I cleaned up the Akorn and cook on both every week. No zen with the Traeger, but it sure is easy and I think the results are great.

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