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New KJ Questions


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Hi folks,


Proud new owner of KJ BJ II here. Been cooking on it almost every night for the past week since I got it. I do have a few minor questions about it and was hoping you veterans could help:


1) The manual explains how to cool down the KJ down by saying you should close the bottom vent when it's done, and mostly (but not entirely) close the top vent once it's under 400 F. Is there any real reason for this? Everything else I see says to just close everything up entirely, I'd imagine maximizing saved charcoal if doing this. Why not just close it all down completely when done, and why not close the top vent completely?


2) When setting up for pizza, is there any reason to use the grill grates vs. using the accessory rack to rest the deflector plates on? 


3) The top seems to be quite loose such that if I close the lid too quickly it actually pops off. Is this normal? The simple solution I've been following is just to lower and raise the lid slowly, but wondering is this is a normal limitation or if my top is too loose. 


4) How do you orient the DAC rack system and why? I.e. does it matter if the split is north/south or east/west? Any advantage to either? I've been going north/south, meaning the split goes from the hinge to the lid, NOT side tray to side tray. Seems to work well, but wondering there's any advantage going the way and how you all like to do it. 




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Welcome and congrats on your purchase!


#1 I just shut everything down all at once. 

#2 what is your overall pizza setup? Without the expander rack for DoJoe, I would put the deflector plates on the main grates in the upper position and space a pizza stone about 1/2 to 1 inch above the deflector plates to avoid scorching. 

#3 I have the classic I, with the daisy wheel so someone else will have to chime in. 

#4 I doubt there’s any advantage of alignment. Aesthetically, side-by-side looks right to me. 

Kamado onward!

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20 hours ago, JaxxQ said:

I second what Chris said except #3 You need to add more gasket material and that will make it tighter 



Thanks. Where does one get gasket material?



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1 hour ago, JaxxQ said:

You can contact KJ customer service and tell them and Im sure they will send you some at no charge but it could take awhile or you can by some on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Onlyfire-Replacement-Adhesive-Smokers-Louisiana/dp/B06XR7PZC5/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=kamado+gasket&qid=1588776569&sr=8-8


Thank you!



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