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Separating Frozen Meat

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I ordered some meat from a local meat shop that works with a local butcher. My meat order was ready today and I picked it up. The meat was frozen and I have some of my order that I would like to package into smaller portions. the meat is wrapped in freezer paper, but in too large of a portion for my wife and myself. How do I separate 2 porterhouse steaks, or 4 rib eye steaks into individual servings and then vacuum pack them? The are frozen very hard.

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I have done what @BURGER MEISTERsuggests in the past with no ill effects.  BUT if you deal with this butcher again, ask him to throw in some sheets of "Patty Paper" between the cuts (he'll know what that is).  Makes it relatively easy to separate frozen cuts of meat without thawing ("relatively easy" does not equal "easy").  Have fun and don't use you best knives (I use a oyster knife because it's almost impossible to cut yourself...stab on the other hand...).

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Had this same question last night. My brother picked up a 40lb box of boneless skinless chicken thighs, in 4 10lb bags. But they are frozen in a solid block! I was thinking maybe just cleaver them in to smaller portions. Might result in some bits and pieces but would be fine for soups or the crock pot.

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