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Steam reheating heating barbecue ribs


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Being single, I inevitably have to make larger portions than I want at one time.  I have a source that supplies me with racks of beef prime ribs.   I usually smoke cook them in the kamado after sous vide, putting them in the kamado frozen.  The idea is to get a good smoke crust without continuing the cooking internally.  Done correctly I end up with most of the meat medium rare or therabouts. These ribs are trimmed from prime rib by a caterer friend.... he saves money by buying ribs in.

I end up reheating, and have tried various methods.  Today I found the answer finally..... I bought a Emerill Legasse version of the Instant Pot last week that incorporates sous vide and air fry.   I was looking to reduce my appliance load and this serves very well, though I'm not at all happy with the lack of information about what's going on.  No actual temp read out, just your setting, which I find very frustrating.... I can't glance at it and see how close my temp is to what I want.  Only one pressure setting (13 psi)... and of course no read out of that either.   The presets are as expected basically garbage to make it look pretty.  The timer makes little noise, and the machine  goes to keep warm mode and the numbers on the timer begin going the other way which is confusing unless you noticed the keep warm light..........But I've never had an appliance that worked the way I wanted it to.   I use a pressure cooker all the time, I use sous vide all the time, and I frequently use air fry.  So this reduces the number of appliances and sits there all the time so I don't have to drag out what I want.

      Steam works nicely for various things such as cooking asparagus, and is perfect for reheating ribs......... They stay moist, and it's easy to control.....  At $130, it was a lot of features for a small price, and I feel I can safely walk away from a pressure cooker.......... I never dared do that before!   Lack of information is my big beef... but I stick my home brewing thermometer through a vent hole and monitor temp.  and the low pressure, which throws me off a surprising amount, but I can deal with that........... The sous vide function sucks..........It takes forever to bring the water up to temp, and the temp increments are not as small as they should be..... an afterthought... it isn't have the device my  Annova is, but I paid about the same for the Annova back when I bought it!  The air fry does a superb job.  



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