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apologies if this simple question has been answered. Doing my first few smokes on the JR and I ran the probe wires through the main lid gasket. I've seen some vids of people running the probe wires through the top vent? Which do ya'll prefer? I don't want to screw up my gasket but also the wire can impede the vent. Thoughts?

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Just to make sure, but when you say "through" I assume you mean between the bottom and lid parts of the gasket right? You didn't actually puncture a hole in the gasket to literally run it through the gasket?


I'm not familiar with the Akorn gasket but on the Kamado Joe its soft enough to run a small thin wire between the bottom and lid parts. It simply dents in at the wire and it feels loose enough to push and pull it through without too much effort. it's actually pretty loose like that.


I doubt that will ruin the gasket in any way. Fat and moisture spoils from meat dripping with seasoning and marinades are far more likely candidates to ruin the gasket IMO. I try to keep it clean and watch not to drip on it and when I do, I clean it off immediately before closing the lid again.


Hope that helps.

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