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Grilled Snapper

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I have been seeing whole fish at Costco for some time now so I decided to give it a go. I bought some snapper for diner last night and was blown away by the results.


I watched Mr. Setzler's video on grilling a whole fish as a guide along with some recipes I found on the interwebs.


  • 2 snappers gutted and cleaned (got mine from Costco as I said previously)
  • Cut crosshatch slits on both sides of the fish (next time I will just do horizontal slits for easier removal of skin)
  • Seasoned with garlic rosemary seasoning
  • Salted with a few pinches of kosher salt
  • Spritzed with olive oil generously on each side
  • Stuffed cavity with fresh rosemary, thyme and dill from the garden
  • Sprinkled lime juice to finish off


Using the Big Joe, I lit just one side and set the fish for direct at the highest level grate. I used a fish\veggie tray to keep the fish from falling apart.

I had the temp at around 300-325 and grilled each side for 9 minutes until the inter temp as around 140.


The flavor was amazing! I don't think I would have the intense herb flavors if I had just cooked fillets but I will be trying that in the future.


I served the fish with some leftover bulgur pilaf and a spinach berry salad.


I have never had snapper before that I can remember but I am now a huge fan!! 




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