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Carbon steel skillets

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I have seen a resurgence of enthusiasm for carbon pans.  Once upon a time they were the standard.  Today they have been replaced with 3 layer clad stainless steel, teflon and titanium coating and aluminum pans.  I suggest that all of those options pale in comparison to the capability and versatility of carbon steel.  Properly seasoned carbon pans are extremely non-stick.  They can sear as well or better than cast iron and they heat up faster and more evenly than cast iron.  They are also much lighter than cast iron or clad stainless and therefore more easily one handed.  If something goes awry, unlike coated pans the cast iron pan can be stripped bare, re-seasoned and will perform as new.  And boy are they cheaper than most of the other options I listed except aluminum.  But unlike aluminum they tend not to warp.  The only downside I can find on carbon pans is using them on induction stoves where they tend to develop extreme hotspots because of how quickly they transfer heat.

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I Have a simple carbon steel skillet by Lodge that I bobbed the handle down to a stubby and covered it with one of those silicone handle covers. It is dedicated for use on my kamado and other grills. here's a pic making a tapas dish of mixed Greek olives, garlic cloves, and orange peal with a splash of good Spanish sherry. Works great for cooks like this. I also have a long handled one that I use over the camp fire when we go trout fishing. Really nice pans. Nothing to look at, but work exceptionally well IMO. Puts a very nice crust on fish and such. The short handle allows me to put it directly on the grill  while keeping room enough for a protein as well. I use pit mister blue fire gloves as the handle, even with the silicone cover gets pretty hot. 




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I found out about some Argentinian carbon steel pans over on egullet. Ordered a couple around 18 months ago and love them. Seasoned with 6-8 layers of flax seed oil, the cook beautifully. Best browning/searing of any pan I’ve ever used and fairly non-stick too. 

what I like best about them is their rivet-less design - There’s nothing that will ever fail, nowhere for water or food debris to get trapped. The company often have half price sales, well worth watching out for. 



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On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2020 at 9:57 AM, John Setzler said:

I have a couple great de Buyer carbon steel pans... I just got this new AUS-ION pan in today.....












These are really good 

The have a bit of a cult following in Aus 

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