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Prosciutto Pork Wraps

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This adventure actually started last Christmas when I bought 2 packs of Prosciutto but only used one. Later in January I figured the unused pack was getting old and I'd have to throw it out. Then I looked at the expiration date, 7/10/20 - What? I guess unopened prosciutto in the refrigerator lasts almost forever. 





With that realization I figured I would save it for something special. Then came February, March, April, and now it's May. What could be more special than a COVID-19 Challenge. Enough of the background, let's get cooking. 


Friday night I started a small Boston Butt that finished Saturday. 







Made a fresh slaw and some squash strips. 





Added bbq sauce to some pulled pork then rolled that and a little slaw in prosciutto. 







Cooked the squash on my Primo Oval Jr and the prosciutto wraps on my 19" Komodo Kamado. When the wraps were almost done I drizzled a little bbq sauce on them. 






Dinner was served with muffin top cornbread and a salted carmel brownie. 





Note: what's wrong with the prosciutto manufacturers? It costs enough you would think they could make that separator paper a little wider to save their customers some aggravation when trying to separate the prosciutto. 


Maybe I'm buying cheap prosciutto or maybe there's a trick to  separating the prosciutto I don't know about. 




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2 hours ago, shuley said:

Those rolls look amazing.  Curious what the final texture of the slaw was?


A little Crispy towards the outside, a little soft on the inside. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

great looking cook,  I was thinking about using prosciutto for something...then i saw you cook, it was then on burgers, 1st a semi fail with my shrimp burgers, then moved to my stronger cook, pork burgers.


Again great cook.

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