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    • By LJS
      Hi Kamado Peeps,
      Smoked some pork and beef baby back ribs in one go and then some slow cooked sausages.
      I used the 321 rib method, but shortened it as the ribs were tender enough and I did not want it to get to dry. Another successful smoke. I have not been BBQing too much as we have had several weeks of a total fire ban.  .
      Keep smoking.

    • By BrianAZ
      Is proof that God loves us. What an amazing piece of meat. 

    • By Ryno656
      Cooked some beef ribs for the first time yesterday, and they turned out fantastic. Started the Big Joe around 9am, seasoned the ribs and they went on around 10:30-10:45 after the Joe had settled in and soaked around 250-275 for a while. Temp ranged between 250-275 and settled in at 260 for most of the cook, but I did add some more chunks of post oak about halfway through since I added the first few when the grill was getting settled (so they burned off) -- rookie mistake. Spritzed with apple cider vinegar and apple juice at about the 5hr mark, just a couple times (every 45 minutes or so). Cooked for about 7-7.5 hours and probed right about 205 and buttery soft. Took them off and let them rest for 30-45 minutes while we prepared side dishes. Will definitely be doing this again!
      One thing I'd change is the 'coarse pepper' I purchased (Fiesta brand). This stuff was a bit too coarse for what I wanted and I'll go with a finer grain next time, but everything turned out great regardless.
      Also, I bought these at a local butcher in Austin, TX (Salt and Time), they were about 4.25lbs

    • By PeterRegan
      Day off tomorrow, that's dinner prepped and ready to go, exhibit A rubbed with John Henry's Stockyard seasoning, exhibit B with good ol' freshly ground pepper and kosher salt
      Now here's hoping I can keep the keg temps down and get a nice slow smoke on them.

    • By KamadoJosephine
      Decided to slow-cook some beef ribs this weekend.  I have no Argentinian roots, but I did see some stuff on TV about them (or maybe it was Brazil or Canada, but I figure they're all pretty much the same place).  So I went to my fave butcher and it turned out that one of the butcher-dudes Mum is from Argentina, so he hooked me up with "enough ribs for 4 people".  He basically cut a cow in half and gave it to me - 6KG!!!  I assumed there were big bones on these ribs...
      Got em home, rubbed em with salt:

      Lifted with my legs, and carted them out to KJ:

      It's OK, I said to myself, ribs always shrink when they cook so there'll be room to chuck the potatoes in later on...
      Set the temp to 120C, hooked up my Thermoworks Smoke (got that this week - thanks to everyone who recommended it, it's AWESOME), and buggered off for a while.
      Checked in around the 5 hour mark:

      Then at about 6 hours, I was having to wade through puddles of drool from the amazing smells, so they were coming off:

      Here's a side view of the MONSTER:

      Here's another side view, so you can worship at this altar of meaty goodness:

      Anyway, the proof's in the eating, so I sliced in:

      The ends were a little over-done, but the middles were amazing. And when you get down near the bone, the flavour was bloody incredible.  Here's my plate with a scoop of Chimichuri (or however you spell it).  Figured I needed to culturally appropriate some more of Argentina.

      That's a side view^^^  The rib is at the bottom, and that plate is a full size dinner plate.  I've never gotten full off 1 rib before    
      Will probably cook them for 5 hrs next time, as the top and ends were slightly over, but overall, I'm pretty bloody happy.
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