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Smokeware Cap for kamado Classic 3

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I have it on my Classic I. I needed it because we get rain most of the year here. It keeps out the rain and is very easy to clean but I believe rain is no problem for you with your style vent. It feel like it's harder to dial in temps vs the daisy wheel but that might be in my head.

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I have one on my JC 1 too. I have to agree with SeaBrisket that it is a bit more finicky dialing in temps for a low and slow for some reason. On the other hand, I do like it on high heat cooks.  Easy to pull the top off to get the inferno going......

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I got one on each of my grills, Big Joe, Classic and Jr. and they work just fine, there easy to clean and dont stick as bad as the KJ Kontrol tower but if you dont take care of them they will lock up too



Smokeware Cap.jpg

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I have one on my Chinese no name import kamado. It replaced a cast iron cap, like the one on the bge. 



Rain proof

In my opinion,easy to dial in for low and slow. 

Looks pretty, easy to clean and maintain

Stays dialled in when lid is opened and closed



The plastic cover on the adjustment falls off when new. Glue it on or be careful until it melts on a bit. 


Conclusion - worth it. 


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