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Big Joe 3 vs UK Standard Door Width & COVID


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Morning Kamado Warriors, 


First time poster and an all round amateur "cooker" in all honesty. Been using cheap hardware store Charcoal BBQs for about 10 years but decided that if i am going to be stuck at home for months then i am going to do it with a beer in my hand and a decent plate of food in front of me. I have just purchased a Big Joe 3 and it's on it's way ... Here comes the concern.


  1. I live in the UK and have no access to my garden, i have to go through the house. UK Standard door width is 29" (74cms) ... is the dam thing actually going to fit through the door?
  2. Due to COVID, its me and my wife and we can't ask people for help due to the restriction in the UK. I can lift / shift a 100Kg washer dryer on my own but it almost kills me. My wife is fairly strong but i am worried that we will not be able to move the BBQ into the house to wait for reinforcements. 


I should thought of these things before buying a ceramic hulk but all the pictures of you guys enjoying a veritable conucopia of meat dishes made me hasty!



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It weighs about 240lbs without accessories and about 500lbs when crated. I doubt two people could move it unless they were both experienced - ideally you need three strong blokes and plenty of space to manoeuvre. It may fit through the door if you dismantle it completely, separate the dome from the body and remove the cart. Maybe cancel the order and go for a Classic 3 which will fit through a doorway on its wheeled stand. John Setzler has both and seems to prefer cooking on the Classic. You could put the change into a Classic Jnr to give you more flexibility.

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Cheers Heuer, 


That makes me fell a lot better, 240lbs i think we will be able to manage but 500lbs was going a bit far. Didn't think of taking it to bits to help us either but that could give us options.


Space is really at a premium in all the entrances so no matter what we do, i think it's going to be a merry little dance. 


If i actually manage to take delivery and set everything up, do i need to "run it in" before actually cooking anything?


Cheers again!

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Not a bad shout Chris, 


I just googled the Pallet Lifters and they will fit through doorways. It's being delivered today so i will see how i got on and then report back FYI only. 



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Don't have to run it in. After you clean racks it's good to go. Track down John Setzlers book on Kamado grills, a ton of good useful info. When I got mine I filled up the fire box lite it and threw a slab of ribs on. There a little more forgiving sit back pop a cold beer oops your in UK so a warm one and play with the vents and take notes on the settings and temps making  small changes and get used to waiting awhile  for the temp changes. Remember once  these grills get hot it takes a while  to cool down. At 250 my bottom vent is about a finger width or so open and about 1/2inch on the top. Light only a very small fire to start, so you Don't over shoot. I've had hardware grills for about 30 years before I made the switch, and the best part is you close vents when done and the charcoal goes out, to be used next time. Hope the move well

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Good morning everyone,


Thank you for all the advice and comments, it's really helped.


Heuer ... We managed it! Had to remove the internal doors through the house from the Garage (didn't fit through the front door), remove the shelve brackets (they added an inch to the width) and use the packaging as "coasters" but me and the wife managed it.


Fbov ... My wife has demanded that i cook for the rest of the weekend so i guess i was hiring help after all :)


Len440 ... Cheers for the information, i fired her up last night, spent a couple of hours adjusting the vents and then cooked a couple of burgers to get used to the temperatures and the different grate heights, with a cold beer of course! I took your advice and closed the bottom vent but left the top open but only by a whisker ... Came down this morning and literally half the charcoal is reusable ... Amazing.


I have a bolt and and nut left over from assembly but i have no idea what they are for?


Pictures attached of the whole adventure (i am 6ft5" and this BBQ makes me look like a toddler)


Great community, really looking forward to cooking with you all.






20200515_143319 (002).jpg

20200515_162210 (002).jpg




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The left over parts are for replacing the hinge, they are required for locking or compressing the spring, retain for emergency use in 5 /10 years haha. you may want to look at the online instruction PDF, my Classic 3 had an old version, which had no inclusion of the slo roller.


Those are small internal doors, enjoy the Big Joe, and you'll soon be taking the cook all week as a secret win!!

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That might be the happiest adult face I have seen throughout COVID-19. This thread made my evening. You are going to love your purchase. I still sometimes pinch myself when I realize I often get quiet time on the deck while everyone else in the house is happy with me because I am cooking the stuff they love on an incredibly versatile analog charcoal oven. 


Do yourself a favor and start lobbying for the DoJoe and Joetisserie (while you learn on the basics). Also, since you are in the UK, look out for the Lidl/Aldi mini kamados this summer to add as a sear station, you won't even have to remove your doors!



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Great news that you got it in. I remember when mine arrived a few years ago - like you I’d not considered how I was going to get it into place and completely ignored the fact we have a gate at the side of our house. Had to rope in my next door neighbour to help lift it over the fence... glad we only had to do it once!


you're going to love the joe, they are such a good cooker and remarkably forgiving. What plans have you got for cooks over the next few weeks?


I succumbed to a a couple of lockdown purchases in the last few weeks - a thermoworks signals/billows unit and a Joetisserie. Neither is essential but both are great additions to the Joe - start dropping them into conversation now! 

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