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    • By Lesta80
      -13DegF this morning when I fired up the keg and put on a lamb shoulder! (-25DegC). I didn’t see any need to change my normal process - Just threw in some Jealous Devil lump, a single fire starter and some bourbon soaked hickory blocks. 40 mins to get the coals going and reach 210.
      In my defence, it was beautifully and sunny outside, but cold - It’s not gonna get much warmer than that for the next 5 days in Calgary!
      Anyone done a cook at colder ambient temperatures?

    • By Lesta80
      No more to say really...  2 years now with the keg, no regrets  - Except for the time I cleaned the outside with cleaner and ruined the finish! But it doesn’t affect the cook!!!!

    • By K'man
      It's the time of the year when I like to make little treats for friends at Christmas.  Smoked cheese goes over very well here.
      Actually the Kamado has very little to do with the cold smoking process, it's just handy to use.  I find the Cold Smoker Tray from A-Maze-N Products works very well.  It does not generate any amount of heat.  I've had good success doing this before but you have to be aware of outside temps.  Temps above 70˚F will cause to the cheese to soften and deform.
      For this smoke I'm using Alder wood chips and 2 year old Balderson Cheddar.  I will smoke the cheese for two hours and let it rest over night then vacuum seal it so it can age for 2 weeks.
      Further pics to follow.

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