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Interface changed??

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3 hours ago, Paul in AZ said:

Not on my screen.   I have done nothing to my computer or to the site.   WTF?

How do I get it back?

At the very bottom of the page you should find a "theme" drop box.  Choose something there and see if it fixes it.

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1 hour ago, Paul in AZ said:

Computer.  I use a Mac.  No mobile devices.

Could there have been some tweak to the interface that keeps me from seeing it on a Mac?


are you using safari on your Mac? try enlarging the window. On my Mac, if I reduce the safari window size, the side bar disappears. I haven't mucked with any of the site settings, i.e.,  I use the default settings

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Using Safari.  I've widened the page as far as I can and nothing changes.

'Theme' settings don't change anything.

A recent change in the site is the commercial banners at the top of the page.  They are now over a foot tall on my screen.   Related?

This may be more trouble than its worth.

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It was the size of the banner ads that caught my attention.   Having failed to change anything by elongating the image I played with the magnify/minify keys on my keyboard [F14 and F15].  

Hitting the minus button several times the sidebar appeared.  I also no longer see any banner ads on top.

How it got  to be magnified is a mystery because I literally never use those buttons.



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